How to keep your keg cold?

kegeratorOne of my favorite things to do is to drink cold beer!  I love it…especially this time of year.  When it starts to warm up outside I look for a reason to go to the store and get a 6′er…or maybe 12.  I’ve recently been looking at getting kegs for my home especially for partiest.  My concern is how to keep it cold.  I think the best way to keep it cold would be to buy a full-size kegerator.

As I research the different ways to keep a beer cold…the kegerator method seems to be one of the best ways.  Some of them you can adjust temperature control to the level you want, and they even make kegerators fit under counters.  So the great thing is there are options!

I would love to be able to build out my own mancave and have a bar for when my buddies come over.  It would be awesome to be able to find the perfect beer with a kegerator for my next hangout. At the next ball game or fight I could have my own IPA keg with a sweet kegerator in my basement.

If you are like me then you should check out because they have done a great job and showing me the best kegerator for my needs.  The really break down a lot of the different kegerators out there and show you which ones are the best for the price.

If you don’t want to go the full kegerator route there are also mini kegerators out there that you can look at.  Many beer co.’s make 5l kegs and there are some nice kegerators that you can find to keep them nice and cold.

I don’t know about you but all this talking about beer has made me thirsty!  I’m ready for a cold one…Stay thirsty!

Yesterday’s motorcycle adventure

motorcycle ridingI love taking adventures, and with a motorcycle it is always an adventure!  You never know where you might end up or who you might meet on your motorcycle adventure.  As I took off out of my driveway I couldn’t help but be thankful to have my motorcycle cover because I was able to jump on my bike without cleaning it off.

I decided to go cruising down the highway for a while.  I started dreaming immediately.  I was dreaming about riding my motorcycle on the west coast in Los Angeles.  I would give anything to ride my bike by the LA beaches.  It is such a beautiful place and perfect weather all throughout the year!

I’m sure in LA they have to use a dust cover to cover their motorcycles with because of the sand and the breezes from the beach.  I wouldn’t mind having to do that as long as I was near the ocean.

As I continued down the highway on my ride dreaming about LA…I was quickly brought back to reality by the feeling of rain falling falling from the sky.  Nothing will wake you up from a dream quicker than rain falling down on you!

That is the one drawback to riding a motorcycle is dealing with the rain.  A car you never have to worry about getting your clothes wet, but it is always a risk when you head out on your bike.  I’m here to tell you that it is always worth the risk.  Riding a motorcycle is one of the best feelings in the world.

Dealing with the rain is not so bad either when you have a cover like the ones you can find at  The rain is not that big of a deal when you can protect your bike from the falling rain.

All in all it was a good ride and I’m glad I went on it.  I’m still looking for other cool places to ride at!